Friday, June 08, 2007


*** UPDATE, OCTOBER 2011 - This restaurant has closed. The original LMNT in Hackney, self-billed as "London's most eccentric dining room", is still going.

The trouble with piling up lots of places to review later is my fickle memory. In this case it has erased the names of the dishes we consumed at LMNT II about a month ago. But I would still like to give a nod to this new place which has sprung up in the former home of Shakespeare's pizzeria, round the corner from our flat. Owned by the same people as Stingray cafes in north London, Shakespeare's used to offer huge pizzas and incredible value set menus. But whether it was the pricey drinks, or the side-street location amid council houses and out of sight of Clerkenwell's hot spots, the place tended to be rather empty. So we weren't surprised, after 3 years or so, to find a new sign hanging above the door. I was pleased to see that the new venture is an off-shoot of LMNT, an eccentric, well-reviewed restaurant in the depths of East London, which I had never got around to visiting. Now I was saved the trek. So far the new venture lacks the eccentric decor found in the original, although they have lightened up the place. I do not remember the food, I remember that it was a nice meal, after which we discussed going back for more. The main reason I have mentioned the place is that it was nice, but has opened so quietly that there's no mention of it yet on the mother ship website, nor anywhere else that google could find. And I think it deserves to be better known.

Edited to add that this place featured in the Metro today and I was bemused to discover that it is apparently "Marooned on a large corner site near the Brunswick Estate in deepest, darkest Islington, North London".

LMNT II, 46 Percival Street, London, EC1V OHS; Tube: Barbican


Anonymous said...

May I suggest a little restaurant notepad? Would aid your memory and might even get you better service if waiters notice your surrupticious note-taking and think you might be a critic or an inspector.

Of course they might think you're in weightwatchers the woman I heard years ago telling her companion that she was making a note of 1 treat point - as she ate her share-size portion of chocolate fudge sundae!

EdibleLondon said...

Good plan about the notebook. As long as they don't assume I am calorie counting and decide to take pity on me and my diet by serving me smaller portions of foie gras!